Have some original songs like they used to be. The Deadline Shakes: four Scottish boys, and our aim is true. Greg Dingwall and Iain McKinstry play guitars and sing; Martin McLeod plays bass guitar; Thomas Booth plays the drums. It’s rock, pop, maybe some folk. It rolls and sometimes it bites. How can we sweeten the deal for you any more?

Sweeten The Deal is the debut release from Glasgow based band The Deadline Shakes.  The single featured on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 Music show and Jim Gellatly’s In Demand show. Vic Galloway selected The Deadline Shakes as one of his Breakout Bands on BBC Radio Scotland, and Artrocker featured the band.

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“I think it’s got a real classic feel to it.  It’s got those Crosby, Stills & Nash harmonies but then… slightly angular new wave.  A bit of The Strokes perhaps?  I think it’s a classic sounding song.”  ~ Vic Galloway, Radio Scotland

The Deadlines Shakes debut release ‘Sweeten the Deal’ successfully nods to 60′s era psych and folk equally. Appearing to channel the likes of both Pretty Things and Big Star whenever they please, the recently unveiled outfit could be yet another internationally acknowledged power pop outfit from Scotland. Either way lets enjoy this dynamic number until their follow up appears. ~ theorangepress.net

“really good, a winsome, mandolin-led blast of power-country” ~ THE LIST

If the thought of going into work this morning is getting you down, especially in this cold and dreary weather, then look no further for some uplifting get up and go vibes in the from of Glasgow’s based The Deadline Shakes. Still scurrying around trying to find their feet, the band have only played a hand full of gigs and currently only have one single under their jangly belt. Sweeten The Deal is the debut single from the 4 piece and is an theatrically happy little pop song. It nests all the elements of the wide eyed and merry melodies of The Shins and Phoenix and its happy go lucky charm is assured to put a smile on your face. With all the fundamentals and upbeat rhythm needed to engage your attention, its cheerful harmony, surging electric guitar intro and buoyant banjo hooks will not only see the tinkle in your eye return but will spark the energy needed to get you trough this week at work. ~ The Blue Walrus

“With properly constructed pop songs written in joined up writing, this four piece band could not fail but to exhume fond memories of bands like the Maypops and even XTC. Not lacking in performance skills either, The Deadline Shakes proved that you did not need to have Mr Sheen in your band to be polished and that makes theirimpending single “Sweeten The Deal” (on Flowers In The Dustbin records) all the more appealing a prospect.” ~ Bluesbunny Music Reviews

First single, Sweeten The Deal is a summery, luscious slice of buoyant, breezy pop. Jangling guitars, glowing vocal harmonies and melodic, seductive shifts throughout, it’s gorgeous and uplifting. They’ve only played a handful of gigs and garnered little press, but expect that to change. Despite the rather weak production, the song shines like a beacon amongst the glut of Glasgow’s less-than-finest exports. Take note Belle-end And Sebastian (sic). Glasgow has, for many years, absorbed the classic sounds from the other side of the Atlantic and regurgitated it into something new. I guess it’s something to do with our gazing from rainy climes to the sun-kissed shores of the West Coast USA with winsome want. Or the fact that the Scots who became immigrants in the USA actually invented country and rockabilly. Digest that for a second….
The Deadline Shakes are most definitely one to watch. Taking their cues from 60’s West Coast baroque pop, their swoon-some, agreeably charming resonance suggests, at times, prime period Love. Greg Dingwall and Iain McKinstry’s tighter-than-a-licked-fag-paper vocals and soaring guitars take flight through three and a bit minutes of perfect, chiming euphony. I’ve played the single a couple of times today and it’s taken up permanent residence in my grey matter. Well, what little of it that’s left. Given that this is their first time sticking heads over the parapet, I suggest that you keep your ears peeled for these guys shaking it up near you sometime soon. ~ Louder than War

I’m getting some solid summer vacay vibes from The Deadline Shakes‘ upcoming single “Sweeten The Deal“, reminiscent of The Traveling Wilburys & Fleetwood Mac; Great melodies & harmonies, jangly banjo lines, and a sweet little guitar solo to boot! ~ newdust.com

Don't You Be Too Cool cover art“The ukulele is having a massive resurgence of popularity of late, and I know some people are getting a little tired of it, but I’m not one of them as long as it’s done right. Scotland’s The Deadline Shakes are one of these getting right. Don’t You Be Cool mixes some great classic pop/rock and could almost be a great ELO song without sounding like it’s from a couple of decades ago.”  ~ Tom Robinson’s Fresh On The Net

“The track has a classic psychedelic rock feel somewhere in between Phoenix and The Beach Boys.”  ~ Surviving The Golden Age

“a power pop delight”  ~ The Da Da Da

“fantastic, jangly guitar-pop” ~ Sounds XP

“another cracking pop tune” ~ Sound of Confusion

“Sounding like a combination of The Strokes from NYC and Glasgow’s beloved Orange Juice, either one of which should be enough cool for any occasion.” ~ When You Motor Away

“There’s plenty of bands that mix indie and folk, but there’s
something refreshing about the approach of Glasgow’s The Deadline Shakes to the way they do it.  They sound nothing like M*mf*rd *nd S*ns, but I hear hints of Belle and Sebastian and The Beach Boys here.” ~ 17 Seconds